1:16 AM on 19 July 2019

Australia-China Economic Trade & Investment Expo 2019 ended successfully - Lannister is willing to help all parties to cooperate and build an industry exchange platform

On July 12th, the Australia-China Economic and Trade Investment Expo hosted by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Australia was officially launched in Melbourne. Lannister Wine Group was invited to the three-day expo as an exhibitor.

In recent years, in the face of the new challenges of global trade protectionism, the 2019 Australia-China Expo was held in Melbourne as the most representative and influential trade exchange platform between Australia and China, enhancing mutual understanding and mutual trust between the two countries creating more opportunities for cooperation. The exhibition dedicated food and wine industry sub-forum. Some well-known politicians and industry authorities attended the endorsement, including Victorian Governor Daniel Andrews and wine industry leader James Halliday.

Lannister insists on deepening Australia's market, looking on China's corporate strategy, and adheres to the corporate culture of “life, simple, beautiful”, which perfectly fits the current Sino-Australian trade exchange environment and the theme of the Expo.

Zan, General Manager of Lannister Wine Group, James Wu, Marketing Director, and Penny Peng, Executive Director of Melbourne, attended the expo. During the period, people came to explore, taste, and discuss cooperation, and intentions are constantly active.

Many political and business elites and industry opinion leaders came to the lecture to analyze the current policy environment and market dynamics. The expo continued until the 14th, with more than 200 well-known Chinese and Australian companies exhibiting.