7:35 AM on 05 September 2018

Lannisiter and Northwest a&f University college of Enology jointly organized wine tasting and Achieved strategic cooperation

September 5, 2018,Lannister came to Northwest a&f University college of enology,one of Asia's most famous wine Academys,

and was warmly welcomed by Mr. Fang Yulin, Dean of the Wine Academy and Mr. Liu Yanlin,the founder of the TP Tasting Group. 

Mr. Liu and Mr. Fang then accompanied Lannister to the college laboratory and wine cellar.


The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement after friendly consultations.

According to the agreement:

The Lannister Group will provide wine tasting for the Wine Academy Tasting Panel for year-round courses;

Lannister provides the outstanding students of the Northwest a&f University Wine Academy to the Australian winery for

a three-month trial internship and those students are given priority to employment opportunities.

The Lannister Group and the Northwest a&f University carry out scientific and technological cooperation

in the fields of viticulture, planting, brewing, and branding, and carry out study tours in the producing areas.

At seven o'clock in the evening, the tasting was beginning.


Zac,owner of Caudo,shared South Australia wine knowledges with students.

The students are all immersed into tasting。

The tasting lasted until 22:00 in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and everyone was very happy.

Zac promised to students that next time we will let the students taste Lannister's innovative flagship

wine Sangria Sangria and appreciate the strong creativity of Australian wines.