5:57 AM on 05 September 2018

Lannister won seven MEDALS in international wine competitions

Global Gourmet 2018 China International Wine Riview, 

hosted by China's leading Chinese-English bilingual food and wine magazine "Global Delicious",

Ms. Zhao Fengyi, the only wine master in mainland China, and many wine experts and sommeliers, jointly participated in the evaluation,

one of the most authoritative wine competitions in the world, has recently held successfully

The Lannister Group won seven MEDALS in this competition, which is one of the most outstanding wine brands in the competition

and has been highly praised by the judges and the organizers.

Award-winning comments: Made by a well-known grape variety out of famous wine region;intensity flavour;classic new-world style Riesling 


Award-winning comments:An excellent combination of Italia and Australia style;one of the most beautiful and creative labels

Award-winning comments:Produced from the well-known Connawarra wine region;made by old vines,12 months barrel ageing.

Award-winning comments:made by single vineyard old vine grapes;12 months barrel aging;classic Barossa Valley style

Award-winning comments:Deep ruby red,with black fruits and white pepper and baking flavour. Round and juicy,

Award-winning comments:intensity fruits flavour,summer companion

Award-winning comments:easy to drink,fresh fruit flavour